Immediate Past Chair
Cassandra Groen
Current Institution: Virginia Tech
Current Position: PhD Candidate
Department/Center: Engineering Education
Research Interests: Grounded Theory; Identity Development; Discourse; Civil Engineering
Stephen Secules
Current Institution: University of Maryland College Park
Current Position: Curriculum and Instruction PhD Candidate
Department/Center: Department of Teaching, Learning, Policy, and Leadership (College of Education)
Research Interests: Sociocultural aspects of undergraduate engineering classes, Equitable learning environments, Diversity and intersectionality, Student narratives of persistence and marginalization, and Design thinking
Chair-Elect/Program Chair
Danielle Grimes
Current Institution: Mississippi State University
Research Interests: Women in Engineering, Motivation
Amy Hermundstad
Current Institution: Virginia Tech
Department/Center: Engineering Education
Research Interests: Informal learning contexts, global engineering, communication
Co-Program Chair
Emily Miller
Current Institution: Ohio State University
Department/Center: Industrial Systems Engineering
Research Interests: Teamwork, Expertise recognition, Motivation
Information Chair
Scott T Melin
Current Institution: University of Wisconsin – Madison
Current Position: 
PhD Candidate
Engineering EducationMechanical Engineering, Engine Research Center, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Research Interests: 
Absorption spectroscopy in combustion diagnostics, Technology integration in teaching and learning
Membership Chair
Dylan John
Current Institution: Georgia Southern University
Department/Center: Civil Engineering & Construction Management
Research Interests: Building information modeling, Energy efficiency in building construction, Construction management academia and industry linkage
Student Chapter Chair
Aileen A. Tapaia
Current Institution: The University of Texas at El Paso
Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering
Research Interests: 
Entrepreneurship, K-12 STEM Education