Information about the ASEE Student Division
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Engineering Education Student Resource (

— This wiki is the first attempt of the American Society for Engineering Education’s Student Division in collaboration with the Center For Engineering Learning & Teaching (CELT) to create a resource for engineering education students and prospective students. The resource aims to offer lists of programs, centers, researchers, societies, publication venues, etc. that will help in the exploration of the engineering education field. We hope that ultimately this wiki will encourage students and educators to expand this resource as a place to inform future students of the engineering education research happening at institutions across the country and beyond.

Graduate School Resources

Resources for Teaching Opportunities on Campus and Abroad

  • FOSTERING DISSEMINATION SKILLS IN STEM DOCTORAL STUDENTS: TIPS FOR THE PH.D. STUDENT AND THE GENERAL IMPACT ON STEM UNDERGRADUATES by Melanie Watson, Krystal Corbett, Kyle Prather, Jenna Carpenter, and Stanley Cronk, Louisiana Tech University (2010) (Slides – PDF)
  • IMPLEMENTING AN ENGINEERING TEACHING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR GRADUATE STUDENT INSTRUCTORS by Sara Soderstrom, Christian Lorenz, and Michael Keinath, University of Michigan, and Trevor Harding, Kettering University (2000) (Slides – PDF)

Fellowships & Resources

International Opportunities

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