Executive Board

Executive Board for the Student Division 2018- 2019
Division Chair: Rohit Kandakatla
Program Chair: Wesley Odom
Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Gammon-Pitman
Co-Program Chair: Lauren Singelmann & Stephany Santos
Lauren Singelmann is a Masters student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Dakota State University. Her research focus is in Engineering Education. She also works as the NDSU College of Engineering Outreach Coordinator and oversees all K-12 STEM Outreach programs put on by the college. She is especially interested in engineering educator professional development and training, discovery based learning, and complex adaptive systems.

Stephany Santos, currently a Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering, is a recent recipient of
the 2017 Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship administered by the National Academies of
Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Her primary research focuses on experimental
characterization of cartilage tissues. She serves as a member of her institution’s IRB, as well as an advisor for UConn’s Engineering Ambassadors program, where she trains undergraduate students how to effectively present engineering topics and engage with K-12 students during STEM Outreach. She has developed courses to teach confidence and public speaking for engineers, advanced presentation skills, and effective research methods in Biomedical Engineering. Her engineering education related research interests include confidence and identity development, learning leadership , and exploring metacognition and the science of learning in underrepresented students.
Membership Chapter Chair: Jacquie Handley
Student Chapter Chair: Hoda Ehsan
Information Chair: Joanne Vakil
Joanne Vakil is a doctoral student in the STEM Education program at The Ohio State University. She holds a Masters in Mathematics for Educators from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts. Joanne’s research interests include the current status of Technology Education in Ohio, online asynchronous learning, APIDA novice STEM teacher identity, and informal science and technology settings.
Best Paper Committee Chair: Cyrus Rezvanifar
S. Cyrus Rezvanifar is a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering at The University of Akron. He has also served as a research assistant in Cleveland Clinic Akron General since 2016, where he conducts research on biomechanics of human knee joint and patellar instability. In 2016, he received a doctoral teaching fellowship from the College of Engineering at The University of Akron. Through this teaching program, he has served as an instructor for several undergraduate-level courses, and he has conducted educational research on the effect of various learning techniques on improving students’ self-efficacy and overall learning experience
Diversity Chair: Soundouss Sassi & Medha Dalal
Medha Dalal is a doctoral candidate in the Learning, Literacies and Technologies program at Arizona State University. She received her master’s degree in Computer Science from Polytechnic University, New York. Her research interests include engineering education, interdisciplinary collaborations, online/blended learning, and pedagogy of technology integration.

Executive Board for the Student Division 2017- 2018
Division Chair: Danielle Grimes
Program Chair: Rohit Kandakatla
Secretary/Treasurer: Trevion Henderson
Co-Program Chairs: Jacquie Handley and Nicole Johnson
Membership Chair: Emily Miller
Student Chapter Chair: Nathan Hicks
Information Chair: Joanne Vakil
Best Paper Committee Chair: Marissa Tsugawa
Diversity Delegate Chair: Karis Boyd-Sinkler