Mentorship Program

ASEE SD is initiating a mentorship program that we hope the other ASEE divisions will take part in. We would like to pair an ASEE SD member (mentee) with a divisional ASEE members (mentor).

Upon signup, the new mentor will be placed into an ASEE SD controlled database with the mentor’s relevant information (see the questions below). When a new mentee enrolls, an ASEE SD officer will search the database for a “best-match” mentor (a mentor that best fits the mentee’s desired career path). The potential mentor will be contacted to ensure they are still interested in participating in the program (they are always free to decline). If they are willing to act as a mentor, ASEE SD will facilitate an introduction.

It is expected that most correspondence will be through email, although other interactions can be set up by the mentor/mentee. Our hope is that the mentorship relationship will last at least 2 months, but it obviously is dependent on circumstances. After 6 months, regardless of whether or not a mentor has been paired with a mentee, they will be contacted and asked if they still wish to be included in the program or wiped from the database.

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