Call for Nominations: 2010-2011 Student Constituent Committee

2010-2011 Student Constituent Committee
Due: Friday, April 30th

We are currently soliciting nominations for the following offices for the 2010-2011 academic year. If you’ve wanted to take up a leadership role, here is your opportunity. Individuals are asked to submit their nominations to Reginald Rogers ( NO LATER than Friday, April 30th.

We are seeking nominations for the following elected positions:

Chair-Elect/Program Chair (3-year commitment)

[a] Act for the Chair at business meetings and Executive Committee meetings in the event of the Chair’s absence.
[b] Succeed the Chair upon completion of his/her term in office.
[c] Take office as Chair, as specified in [E-3-a] above, in the event of the resignation or death of the Chair before his/her term is completed.
[d] Arrange and coordinate the unit’s activities at the Society’s annual meeting.
[e] Work with the Executive Committee to develop technical programs in accordance with the unit’s objectives.
[f] Coordinate sessions within the time frame set by ASEE headquarters for inviting speakers, notifying headquarters of logistical needs, etc., as set forth in the “Program Chair Guidelines” available from the ASEE Conferences department.
[g] Work with ASEE Conferences department staff in the on-site management of sessions.

NOTE: This position is the first of a 3-year commitment. The elected person will serve as
Program Chair in Year 1, Chair in Year 2, and Immediate Past Chair in Year 3.


[a] Record the minutes of Executive Committee meetings and the annual business meeting, and distribute copies of the minutes to appropriate unit and Society officers.
[b] Be responsible for the official records of the Executive Committee and the unit, and ensure that the files of the unit are passed along to his/her successor.
[c] Tabulate, verify, and communicate the results of unit elections and other ballots.
[d] Oversee and maintain the financial records of the unit and regularly report on financial status to the Executive Committee.
[e] Collect unit income, if any, and disburse monies authorized by the unit Chair.
[f] Keep records of all the unit’s outstanding receivables and payables.
[g] Ensure that all the unit’s financial activities conform to the standards and procedures set forth in the ASEE Financial Policy Manual, which is available from the ASEE Accounting department.

We are also seeking nominations for the following positions that will be appointed by the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past Chair:

Membership Chair

[a] Work with the ASEE Membership Department to maximize recruitment and retention of members affiliated with the unit.
[b] Develop methods for getting unit members involved in unit activities.
[c] Keep the Executive Committee informed about the activities and accomplishments of the Membership Committee.

Information Chair

[a] Collect, evaluate, and edit material for periodic newsletters to the unit membership.
[b] Develop and maintain the unit’s web site.
[c] Ensure that the unit web site adheres to the policies and standards of the Society as to privacy and
[d] all other internet issues.

Zone Liaison

[a] Coordinate all activities between the unit and the local existing ASEE Student Chapters, and work to develop new local ASEE Student Chapters.

You may nominate yourself or someone else for one of these positions. If you nominate another person, that person will be asked to accept or decline the nomination. Please include that person’s email address with your nomination.