Reminder Call for Contributions: ASEE Students Newsletter Due Sept. 30, 2009

ASEE Students Newsletter
Call for Contributions
Deadline: September 30, 2009 (Newsletter posted to the website in mid-October)

The ASEE Students Newsletter will be a vehicle for information distribution and communication for members of the ASEE Student Constituent Committee. It will be published quarterly on the ASEE SCC website.

Please send us updates on your individual or ASEE Chapter work. We also want to publish short opinion pieces, conference reports, summaries of work in progress, and book reviews.

Guidelines and Deadlines:

  1. Contributions should be in Microsoft Word format. Each should include:
  2. The full name, title, affiliation (school and department), and e-mail addresses of each contributor.
  3. The type of contribution.
  4. Images or illustrations may be included and should be in jpg format.
  5. A URL link to a longer version of the contribution or a page where reader can learn more about your work (optional)
  6. Contributors should adhere to the word limitations listed below.
  7. All sources should be properly cited.
  8. No portion of copyrighted materials will be published without the expressed written consent of the copyright owner.
  9. The Editor reserves the right to edit all contributions published.

Send contributions via e-mail to: Ana T. Torres-Ayala:

Type of contributions:

  • Student news (no more than 75 words) – Tell us about your recent presentations, awards, graduation or publications. Include a brief description.
  • Chapter news (no more than 250 words) – Tell us about recent chapter news and upcoming events.Include a brief description and picture (if available).
  • FYI (no more than 100 words) – Share calls for proposals or other announcements of interest to ASEE students.
  • Work in progress (no more than 250 words) – Share a short summary of work in progress. Work may be a research project or a program related to engineering education.
  • Completed Projects (no more than 250 words) – Share a short summary of a completed project. Work may be a research project or a program related to engineering education.
  • Book Reviews (no more than 250 words) – Review a book related to engineering education. Review should include: 1) a short summary of the book, and 2) a recommendation and rationale for other ASEE students to read, skim or skip the book.
  • Conference reports (no more than 250 words) – Brief reports about recent conferences. Focus should be on what is new and of interest to ASEE students.
  • Opinion (no more than 250 words) – Brief opinion pieces on issues related to engineering education.

Please direct any additional questions to: Ana T. Torres-Ayala

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