Call for Nominations for the Executive Board of the Student Division

We invite you to take this time to call for nominations for the Executive Board of the Student Division. We will have onsite nominations as well in our annual meeting, but please take this time to read of the responsibilities required of each position and feel free to ask any questions on the positions. Being on the executive board is a great opportunity to help direct the future of the Student Division while also forming national contacts through students, faculty, and businesses. The positions that will be open this year are listed below

Program Chair – The program chair operates as the Chair Elect and helps organize and coordinate the Annual Conference. This position is a 3 year commitment where the first year you act as Program Chair, the following year as Division Chair, and the final year as Past Chair (which is an advisory position). They send out the call for papers, organize the sessions, and operate as the chair when the chair cannot be present. For details on this position, please contact Rohit Kandakatla at

Secretary/Treasurer – The secretary/treasurer helps organize board meetings and takes minutes during these meetings. They are also responsible to remain in contact with ASEE in regards to funds for the Student Division. For more details on this position, please contact Trevion Henderson

Co-Program Chair – The co-program chair helps collect funding for the student division through sponsorships while also organizing the annual division dinner. They also add support to the program chair in the organization of the annual conference. For more details on this position, please contact either Nicole Johnson at or Jacqueline Handley

Information Chair – Assists in the distribution of ASEE information through the maintenance of the Student Division website and social media pages. For more details, please contact Joanne Vakil at

Membership Chair – The membership chair helps create and maintain programs that increase membership and retention. For more details, please contact Emily Miller

Student Chapter Chair – The student chapter chair helps to create and maintain student chapter as well as foster a bond between existing student chapters of ASEE. For more details, please contact Nathan M Hicks

Positions that are appointed, but please nominate:

Diversity Chair – The diversity chair helps the student division maintain its goal to promote inclusion and diversity through its programs. This chair also often acts as a delegate between the diversity division and the student division and assists in the organization of a diversity-centered session at ASEE. For more information, please contact Karis Boyd-Sinkler

Awards Chair – The awards chair helps organize a secondary system of reviews in order to choose the best paper of the division. They also assist the program chair through various means. For more details, please contact Marissa Tsugawa

If you have any other questions on these positions, please contact Danielle Grimes at