Conference Update and Request for Session Moderators

Hi Student Division Members!

I wanted to send an email to 1) update you on the technical session format for the upcoming virtual conference and 2) request volunteers to be session moderators during the conference. If you are interested in moderating a session please respond below or email me by May 11. See below for details.

1) Virtual Conference Updates – Technical Session Format

Technical sessions will have a pre-recorded (asynchronous) session. This recording is limited to 15 minutes and can include one or more authors. All authors must be registered to participate in the session recording.
The pre-recorded session content may be accessed at any time during the conference starting June 20th.
Technical sessions will also include a 20 minute live (synchronous) question and answer period.
For the live (synchronous) question and answer session, each participant (designated presenter) will have a chance to present a 1.5 to 2 minute overview, followed by a ten minute overall question and answer session for all participants. It is highly recommended that one technical session participant is chosen from the list of authors to take the lead for the synchronous (live) session. This will help to ensure that there will be 4-5 speakers (one per paper) engaged in the live question and answer session.
The live (synchronous) question and answer session will be scheduled for live viewing and recorded for Virtual Conference attendees to watch at any time during the conference.
Authors can find instructions to create/upload a PowerPoint presentation with 15 minutes of embedded audio here.
1-2 moderators will be responsible for conducting the live question and answer sessions.
2) Request for Session Moderators – Please Respond by May 11

The student division currently has 24 finalized papers and posters that will be presented during the conference across 5 technical sessions. Technical sessions will include 5 papers and will be reserved for a paper pitch and Q&A with authors during a 20 minute time block.
We are looking for volunteers to serve as moderators for the live technical sessions. 1-2 moderators will be assigned to each session. They will be responsible for keeping time during the pitch presentations and will facilitate discussion during the Q&A. I would recommend that all moderators review the presentations before the session.
If you are interested in being a moderator and will be attending ASEE this year, please complete the following form or email me with your name, and a short list of research topic interests by Monday, May 11:

I look forward to interacting with many of you at the virtual conference!