SD Elections & Call for Nominations

Positions available for nomination

  • Program Chair / Chair-Elect (by election)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (by election)
  • Co-Program Chair (by appointment/selection)
  • Information Chair (by appointment/selection)
  • Membership Chair (by appointment/selection)
  • Student Chapter Chair (by appointment/selection)
  • Diversity Chair (by appointment/selection)
  • Best Paper Chair (by appointment/selection)

The difference between elected positions and appointed/selected positions. Simply put, there are only two positions which are elected, the Chair-Elect/Program Chair, and the Secretary/Treasurer. Anyone can nominate themselves or another person for the position and the nominees are voted on after the business meeting during the conference. Those who get the most votes are announced during the Dinner, which will be our social event instead. Appointed/selected positions still require a nomination (self or otherwise), but the positions are chosen by the existing executive board.

In order to nominate yourself for a position or nominate someone else, all you need to do is reply to this email. Include with the nomination a brief paragraph explaining why you think you, or the person you are nominating, would be appropriate for the position (i.e. experience, etc.). Anyone who has been nominated will get the chance to speak to the Student Division and executive board during the business meeting in order to state your case personally before voting commences and decisions are made.

I strongly encourage that you get involved if you want to get experience with leadership that has an impact and also looks great on your resume. Below are brief descriptions of each of the positions and what their duties generally include. You have until the Business meeting (Wednesday, June 24th, at 2:30 pm EDT) to submit your nominations electronically. You may still nominate or be nominated during the business meeting, but this will prevent you from submitting a bio ahead of time, so I strongly recommend that you nominate ahead of time.

  • Program Chair / Chair-Elect
    • This position has two primary responsibilities. The first is that they are the Program Chair, whose primary responsibility is the program planning and coordination of our events/sessions during the conference. Secondly, they are the Chair-Elect, and as such will become the Division Chair after their year as the Program Chair. While Division Chair they will administer monthly meetings and guide the executive board as they prepare for the next Annual conference, keep up with chapters, and facilitate the needs of the members. After spending a year as the Division Chair, they serve one more year as the Immediate Past Chair (an advisory role). Because being elected the Program Chair/Chair-Elect is a 3 year commitment, it is important that you are ready to fulfill that commitment should you win the election. It is recommended that you have some experience with other positions within the executive board first, though it is not required.
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    • This position also has two primary responsibilities. First, they coordinate monthly meetings with the executive board and manage minutes. Second, they keep track of division finances by managing invoices and distributions (among other things). This position has a limitation of 3 terms of service.
  • Co-Program Chair
    • This position is also primarily responsible for two things. One is the fund raising efforts during the year, and the other is planning of the Student Division Dinner and Social Event at the Annual Conference.  Traditionally, this has been filled by one person, but it has been a recent trend to have two people nominated for this position jointly, which has worked out well. Feel free to nominate either yourself, someone else, or yourself and someone else if you both have agreed to fulfill responsibilities together should you get selected. This position has a limitation of two served terms.
  • Information Chair
    • This position is responsible for maintaining the Student Division website, which is hosted by the ASEE main website. It is common for the Information Chair to collect information from members for a newsletter at some point during the year. They will also facilitate the online portion of the voting during elections. This year, it will all be online, for obvious reasons . This position has a limitation of three served terms.
  • Membership Chair
    • This position is responsible for helping to maintain and increase membership and membership involvement. They also help to keep the executive board informed about membership activity. This position has a limitation of three served terms.
  • Student Chapter Chair
    • This position is similar to the membership chair, but is focused on the ASEE Student Division Chapters at universities across the country. They help to get information about their activities to keep the executive board informed, and facilitate the formation of new chapters. This position has a limitation of three served terms.
  • Diversity Chair
    • This position is responsible for helping to lead Student Division efforts to increase diversity and inclusion within our division and within the engineering student community at large. This position is also responsible for helping the Best Paper Chair select the winning paper for the Best Diversity Paper. This position has a limitation of three served terms.
  • Best Paper Chair
    • This position is responsible for organizing the review committee and selection for the division’s best paper and best diversity paper before the annual conference. This position has a limitation of three served terms.

If you have any questions about these positions, please feel free to reach out to me… I have served in most of them over the years. If I have not served within a position you are curious about, I can connect you with the current Chair of that position.


I look forward to hear from you all 


Wesley Odom

ASEE Student Division Chair

Engineering Education, Purdue

Announcing a new ASEE Constituent Committee

ASEE has a new Constituent Committee (provisional division) on Equity, Culture, and Social Justice in Education (ECSE). The organizing members have outlined the following initial vision statement for the division:

The Equity, Culture, and Social Justice in Education (ECSE) Division is a home for individuals who are interested in laboring with and for under-resourced and disenfranchised people seeking to engage in engineering at any level of education.

We aim to enrich the field of Engineering Education by leveraging our varied talents and experiences to produce scholarship and practices that a) increase resources and support for those with the greatest needs, b) uncover and dismantle systemically-oppressive educational barriers, and c) promote responsive pedagogy and transformative learning.

Read more Announcing a new ASEE Constituent Committee

Conference Update and Request for Session Moderators

Hi Student Division Members!

I wanted to send an email to 1) update you on the technical session format for the upcoming virtual conference and 2) request volunteers to be session moderators during the conference. If you are interested in moderating a session please respond below or email me by May 11. See below for details.

1) Virtual Conference Updates – Technical Session Format

Technical sessions will have a pre-recorded (asynchronous) session. This recording is limited to 15 minutes and can include one or more authors. All authors must be registered to participate in the session recording.
The pre-recorded session content may be accessed at any time during the conference starting June 20th.
Technical sessions will also include a 20 minute live (synchronous) question and answer period.
For the live (synchronous) question and answer session, each participant (designated presenter) will have a chance to present a 1.5 to 2 minute overview, followed by a ten minute overall question and answer session for all participants. It is highly recommended that one technical session participant is chosen from the list of authors to take the lead for the synchronous (live) session. This will help to ensure that there will be 4-5 speakers (one per paper) engaged in the live question and answer session.
The live (synchronous) question and answer session will be scheduled for live viewing and recorded for Virtual Conference attendees to watch at any time during the conference.
Authors can find instructions to create/upload a PowerPoint presentation with 15 minutes of embedded audio here.
1-2 moderators will be responsible for conducting the live question and answer sessions.
2) Request for Session Moderators – Please Respond by May 11

The student division currently has 24 finalized papers and posters that will be presented during the conference across 5 technical sessions. Technical sessions will include 5 papers and will be reserved for a paper pitch and Q&A with authors during a 20 minute time block.
We are looking for volunteers to serve as moderators for the live technical sessions. 1-2 moderators will be assigned to each session. They will be responsible for keeping time during the pitch presentations and will facilitate discussion during the Q&A. I would recommend that all moderators review the presentations before the session.
If you are interested in being a moderator and will be attending ASEE this year, please complete the following form or email me with your name, and a short list of research topic interests by Monday, May 11:

I look forward to interacting with many of you at the virtual conference!