Announcing USASBE Launch!

USASBE Launch! ( is an innovative student startup competition designed to provoke and reward undergraduate students from all disciplines who can:

  • deliberately design an impactful idea,
  • identify, test, validate business model hypotheses with customer development tools, and
  • show traction (how well a startup is delivering its business model and how well the target demographic is accepting that business model).

Outcomes of this competition are:

  • students actively engage in entrepreneurship, and improve their chances of success,
  • create a global mentor network to assist student entrepreneur and innovator teams,
  • be a catalyst for economic growth; students create well-vetted innovations and companies for the establishment of going concerns that hire and contribute to society through their innovative product and service commercialization.

There is no required application process, there are no required fees or purchases, there is no required format or procedures.  We will recommend and train students to use specific processes and tools, such as Alex Bruton’s deliberate ideation process, Steve Blank’s customer development process, Alexander Osterwalder’s business model canvas, and Eric Ries’ lean startup methodology.  Students can engage as much or as little as they desire.  

This competition brings together the following organizations to create the most cross-disciplinary and far-reaching student startup competitions:

  • 1,000+ United States Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (USASBE) members,
  • Thousands of National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) stakeholders,
  • Student membership of 750 Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO) chapters,
  • 1,200 National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) members,
  • Thousands of International Council for Small Business (ICSB) member institutions,
  • Hundreds of arts educators from Self-Employment in the Arts (SEA)

For more information, or to inquire about sponsorships or providing mentoring to student participants, please contact Dr. Doan Winkel at or Michael Issa at

Purdue’s Engineering Education Open House: March 31-April 1, 2010

From Dr. Alice Pawley

OPEN HOUSE for prospective graduate students: March 31-April 1, 2010

Interested in doctoral studies in engineering education at Purdue University? Attend our open house and find out what the School of Engineering Education—home of the country’s first academic program in this growing field—has to offer you. During this two-day program, you can:

  • sit in on a research seminar
  • meet doctoral students currently enrolled in our program
  • talk one-on-one with faculty in your area of interest

We’ll also provide you up to $300 to apply toward your travel expenses.

More information at:

Folks interested in our program should not hesitate to contact us at

Free, Live Web Event: Engineers Week Student Blast! Thu. 2/18/2010

From J.P. Mohsen, ASEE President

Be Part of the First-Ever Engineers Week Student Blast!
A Free, Live Web Event Exclusively for Engineering Students

Thursday, February 18, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time

For the first time, Engineers Week national sponsors are organizing a live, nationwide Web event celebrating engineering students. The Engineers Week Blast will link students on campuses nationwide for a fun program showcasing how engineering students are making their mark on the world! Featuring engineer Nate Ball, the host of PBS’s Design Squad, pop-culture engineering trivia, and the winners of student engineering video contests, this will be a great way to involve your students in Engineers Week. Registration is free and participation requires only a meeting room with internet access, an LCD projector and a speaker phone. Each school that registers will receive a Blast Box from Engineers Week with prizes and promotional items.

Submit a contest video showing how your students are making their mark on the world and you can get a $100 gift card to support your event.

Details and registration information are posted online at

Winter 2010 ASEE Student Newsletter

Ana T. Torres-Ayala (
SCC Information Chair, University of South Florida
Alexandra Coso (
SCC Membership Chair, University of Virginia

In this edition:

  • Message from the SCC Program Chair / Vice Chair
  • Chapter News
  • FYI – For Your Information
  • Position Announcements
  • Next Newsletter

Message from the SCC Program Chair

Dan Bumblauskas (
SCC Program Chair/Vice Chair
Doctoral Student, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Iowa State University ABB Inc.

Dear Student Constituent Committee Members:

Happy 2010! The officers of the SCC hope that your new year is off to a great start and that the spring academic semester will be a prosperous one for you. Before we know it, the 2010 ASEE Annual Conference will be upon us! The conference is scheduled to be held June 20-23, 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Remember that ASEE student members can attend the conference for free! This is a great opportunity for student members to network with peer graduate students and faculty members from universities around the U.S. and abroad. This is also a venue to learn about positions and job openings, hear about engineering education research and development, and meet possible collaborators on current and future projects.

The Student Constituent Committee (SCC) is pleased to announce its continued call for posters for the conference. We are seeking posters on a variety of topics in Engineering Education, including student member needs and experiences; reasons for being a student member of ASEE; recruiting, building and enabling diversity in engineering education; preparing for the academic job search; and students expanding the engineering interest in secondary schools.

THE POSTER SESSION IS NEW THIS YEAR – student authors now have the opportunity to submit a poster for review instead of a full paper. All accepted posters will have the $75 publication fee WAIVED! The requirement is that the author is a student and that student must present the poster. Faculty advisors/authors are NOT permitted to present the poster. If you wish to submit a paper, you will still be required to pay the $75 publication fee.

This is a reminder of some upcoming critical dates for authors who have submitted papers being reviewed for the conference and for those who plan to attend the conference:

Jan 18 – Feb 19: Draft paper revision process open
Jan 27: Housing and registration opens
Feb 26: Draft paper decision deadline
Feb 26 – Mar 12: Final paper submission process open

So in summary, you can register for the conference and present a poster for free in 2010; it doesn’t get any better than that! Good luck with all your endeavors in 2010 and hope to see you in Louisville!

Chapter News

New ASEE Student Chapter: Stanford University
Sarah Parikh (
Graduate Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University

The Stanford University ASEE Student Chapter is on its way to becoming an official ASEE Student Chapter. The group is currently putting together several programs including a teaching assistant mixer for students to share their experiences over a cup of coffee, a journal club course for credit in which students will discuss current research in engineering education each week, and a faculty/ future faculty forum to discuss teaching engineering and engineering education research. Several faculty and staff members are advising this new chapter: Anthony Antonio, Brad Osgood, Jim Plummer, Larry Leifer, Robyn Dunbar, Sheri Sheppard and Tom Byers.

Inaugural Year for University of Illinois Student Chapter
Elizabeth Van Ruitenbeek (
Doctoral Candidate, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
ASEE Student Shapter Membership Chair

The ASEE student chapter at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign began its inaugural year with a thought-provoking presentation by the student chapter faculty adviser Dr. Marina Miletic. She spoke on the topic “Do students really learn engineering fundamentals or just study for the test?” The 27 students who attended the meeting also enjoyed free pizza.

The University of Illinois student chapter also hosted three lunch seminars during the fall semester. At the September lunch seminar, Dr. Michael C. Loui (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) spoke on “Adventures in Research on Engineering Education.” Then in October, Dr. Michael C. Hirschi (Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs, College of Engineering; Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering) spoke on “Engineering Accreditation: What is it, what good is it?”

Finally for the December lunch seminar, Dr. Charles L. Tucker III (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, College of Engineering; Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering) led a discussion on “Core Conversations in Undergraduate Engineering Education.”

Thanks goes to College of Engineering Dean Ilesanmi Adesida for recognizing the importance of starting an ASEE student chapter at the University of Illinois and for providing funding for these meetings.

Students enjoy pizza at the inaugural meeting of the University of Illinois
ASEE student chapter (September 2009)

Dr. Michael C. Loui speaks about engineering education research at the
September lunch seminar.

University of Texas at Austin Chapter Sponsors Writing and Travel Abroad Workshops
Krista Fridley (
PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering Department
The University of Texas at Austin

Students at the University of Texas at Austin who dreaded the prospect of writing a thesis, dissertation, or paper obtained guidance this September from Dr. Hillary Hart on “Stopping Research and Starting to Write.” Dr. Hart discussed the process of moving into the writing phase, with strategies for making the transition from research to writing. She suggested writing concurrently with research; however, she acknowledged this if often difficult. She recommended writing in two different mindsets, a creative and critical, so that an individual could get all of the ideas on paper first and then come back later to edit and improve.

To explore opportunities for graduate students to travel abroad, Dr. Janet Ellzey led an informal discussion about studying abroad in October. Although most programs are developed for undergraduate students, Dr. Ellzey discussed some funding options for graduate students in the form of national fellowships and grants, as well as programs specific to the University of Texas at Austin. As a mechanical engineering professor, Dr. Ellzey has helped many graduate students travel and therefore asked the attending students individually about their desires to study abroad in order to give specific advice about acquiring international experience as a graduate student. Currently, the chapter is in the stages of planning additional workshops for the spring semester, including a presentation from Dean of Engineering about a career in academia.

Dr. Janet Ellzey leading a discussion about travel abroad opportunities for students who want their education to have a global impact.


PhD Consortium in Engineering Education – Special Session at 2010 ASEE Annual Conference
Robin Adams (
Assistant Professor, School of Engineering Education
Purdue University

PhD Consortium in Engineering Education Special Session at ASEE,
Sunday June 20, 2010 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The purpose of this special session is to facilitate the creation of a PhD Consortium in Engineering Education that can foster a rich intellectual community for graduate students. As seen in other professional communities, a Ph.D. Consortium can provide graduate students with opportunities to (1) present their work-in-progress and receive constructive feedback or guidance, (2) explore important theoretical, methodological, and practical issues, (3) become part of the larger community of scholars, and (4) develop research collaborations for graduate work and beyond. Working in small groups, session participants (primarily graduate students) will co-develop the goals, structures, and activities that will guide the formal development of a PhD Consortium in Engineering Education.

The session will begin with a discussion of the ways graduate students currently participate in ASEE and an overview of session goals and activities. After a brief presentation on existing PhD Consortium models, working groups will iteratively formulate needs and develop a set of alternative models. The session presenters will facilitate a dialogue on the alternatives groups create to identify a synergistic model that addresses diverse needs. This special session is a partnership between engineering education graduate programs, the ASEE Student Constituent Committee, and the ASEE Educational Research and Methods division. To register for this session visit the ASEE registration site at The cost is $25. For additional information, please contact Robin Adams (

Help ASEE’s eGFI Inspire Future Engineers
Joseph Hornig (
Web Assistant, American Society for Engineering Education

Dear ASEE students,

Now that our exciting new K-12 website has been launched and is receiving a lot of traffic, we desperately need more engineering students profiled on our student blog:

We know that you have inspiring stories to share, so please take the time to send us your information so we can feature you on our site. We would love to hear your story: how you became interested in engineering, what you are passionate about, and the cool things you are involved in now, such as competitions, projects, internships, or jobs.

This is a great opportunity to positively impact students and inspire future engineers. Along with the students visiting the site we also have hundreds of followers on Twitter and Facebook, so a lot of kids could be motivated by you.

Please e-mail me what you would like to share with us and please include a picture of yourself. We would really appreciate your involvement.

Joseph Hornig

Call for Posters: ASEE- Southeast Section 2010 Conference Student Poster Competition
April 18-20, 2010 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, Virginia
Application and Abstract deadline: March 15, 2010

The Southeastern Section of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) invites both engineering and engineering technology faculty to sponsor their undergraduate students to present a poster at the annual Section Conference. Students may enter in the following categories:

  • Freshman/Sophomore Engineering and/or Engineering Technology Design Teams
  • Junior/Senior Engineering and/or Engineering Technology Design Teams
  • Individual Undergraduate Research

Click here for more information on the abstract, application, and submittal instructions.

National Lab Day

ASEE is one of more than 200 organizations participating in National Lab Day, tentatively set for May 2010. Backed by the White House, National Lab Day will enlist professional and academic scientists and engineers in providing hands-on, discovery-based lab experiences to middle and high school students in our local communities. ASEE members can join in these activities or participate in other ways, including: donating or repairing equipment; helping with science fairs; advising after-school programs; launching a fund drive for needed supplies, and providing internship opportunities. Go to: where ASEE members can link up with a school project.

Also, ASEE members can go to: to see the letter from ASEE President, J.P. Mohsen, regarding participation and support for National Lab Day.

Position Announcements

NSF-ASEE Industry Research Fellows Program: Promoting Industrial Experiences to Engineering Post Docs
Lueny Morell (
Strategy and Innovation Office
Hewlett Packard Laboratories (HPL)

Last Spring 09, Hewlett Packard Laboratories (HP Labs) – with the endorsement of several corporate research labs – approached the US National Science Foundation (NSF) with the idea of establishing an Industrial Research Innovation Post Doc Fellowship Program . This kind of program would allow top science and engineering post docs to work on industrial research and development and partner with industrial scientists in developing the next generation of engineering and IT-related technologies, increase opportunities for tech transfer into new businesses opportunities, advance their careers and finally, enhance the possibility of innovating the engineering/science curricula. This initiative would be especially important in these times, while the economy recovers by enhancing participants’ likelihood of obtaining a job and/or to create new jobs through new business creation. The program would also provide opportunities for future engineering professors to acquire real life engineering experience and impact/innovate the engineering/science curricula.

In early September 2009, NSF granted the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE ) funds to establish the Corporate Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program to encourage the involvement of creative and highly trained engineers in areas of great interest and relevance to the nation as we face current economic challenges. This program provides recent engineering PhD recipients the opportunity to conduct postdoctoral research in a corporate setting. Up to 40 positions are anticipated. Each research fellow will receive a stipend of at least $75,000 plus health insurance benefits, of which the host company would provide a minimum of $27,500 and other non-cash support.

For more information on post doc research opportunities (open only for US citizens, nationals or legal permanent residents who possess an engineering PhD or ScD degree recognized in the US within 3 years), please visit the website or contact Artis Hicks at

Next Newsletter

The Spring 2010 ASEE Student Newsletter will be published on April 2010. Contributions are due March 19, 2010. See the full call for contributions at:

A newsletters archive is now available at:

National Lab Day

ASEE is one of more than 200 organizations participating in National Lab Day, tentatively set for May 2010. Backed by the White House, National Lab Day will enlist professional and academic scientists and engineers in providing hands-on, discovery-based lab experiences to middle and high school students in our local communities. ASEE members can join in these activities or participate in other ways, including: donating or repairing equipment; helping with science fairs; advising after-school programs; launching a fund drive for needed supplies, and providing internship opportunities. Go to: where ASEE members can link up with a school project. Also, ASEE members can go to: to see the letter from ASEE President, J.P. Mohsen, regarding participation and support for National Lab Day.

National Engineers Week Student Video Contest Celebrates Engineer Volunteerism

Contest Deadline: February 1, 2010

During National Engineers Week 2010 engineers around the country will be
uniting in celebration of engineer volunteerism and recognizing the
significant ways engineers are making a difference in their communities,
aside from their professional and academic achievements.

The National Engineers Week Foundation and ASCE are inviting engineering
students to participate in the celebration by entering a video contest
to show others why their engineering school is THE BEST at making a
difference through volunteer projects. Each school or university may
submit one entry. Information about the contest, rules, and prizes are
included in the attached flyer.

Participating student groups will receive a $100 gift card and other
EWeek supplies to help plan a student event to watch a live
coast-to-coast Web event announcing the winner of the contest. The top
three video entries will be featured during the Web announcement, with
the winning school or university being named the Grand Prize Winner!

More details can be found at: