Congrats to Purdue’s ASEE Student Chapter

The Purdue Student Chapter of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) was awarded first place at the Purdue campus-wide Healthy Student Organization competition in 2019!
Julianna Ge served as the Health and Wellness Chair for ASEE at Purdue, a new ASEE executive board position created with the primary goal of supporting the success and healthy functioning of Purdue’s student chapter of ASEE through health and wellness initiatives and advocacy. With the understanding that the health of an organization depends on the health of its members, each student organization should have a Health and Wellness Chair to ensure the health and wellness of its members.asee

Breakfast Panel at ASEE Conference

You’re Invited to Our Breakfast Panel Discussion at ASEE
Breakfast to be served. RSVP Required.
Tuesday, June 18, 8-9:30am
Room 5 in Tampa Convention Center

Student and Faculty Perspectives on The Changing Role of Textbooks in Engineering Education

Join McGraw-Hill and the ASEE Student Division for an insightful panel discussion with engineering faculty members and students who will talk about the evolution of the classroom experience from their perspectives.

As pedagogy shifts towards creating a more active learning experience, how are engineering faculty and students using textbooks and other course materials? How can textbooks evolve to better meet the needs of faculty and students today?

Tuesday, June 18, 8-9:30am
Room 5 in Tampa Convention Center
RSVP Required

Contest for all ASEE Student Division Chapters!

In the spirit of National Engineers Week, the ASEE Student Division challenges all student chapters to spread the word of what you’re doing in engineering and engineering education. The chapters with the most creative responses will be entered to win 3 free tickets (1st place) and 2 free tickets (2nd place) to the Student Division Dinner at the upcoming National Conference! Contest ends midnight 2/24

Tweet out what you are doing to @asee_sd

Draft Review Volunteers Needed

As we approach the paper drafts deadline for the upcoming national conference, it is time again to seek volunteers to help review drafts. We greatly appreciated the help we received for abstracts and would love to get more input from our community as we go through this next round of reviews. If you would like to help, please email Wesley Odom (program chair: and let him know how many papers you would like to review (average is about 2 or 3). Please let Wesley know if you would like to help by February 4th. Drafts are due by February 4th and review assignments will go out shortly thereafter (provided there is not an extension of the draft due date). You will have about two weeks to complete the reviews.

Student Division Information Webinar

We are hosting an information webinar about submitting abstracts to the Student division for the 2019 Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida.

In case you were not sure if you should submit, how to submit, what to submit, or if you had any other questions about abstract submission and ASEE Annual Conference participation, this webinar may be helpful to you.

We will attempt to answer as many questions as possible that you all bring up during the webinar.

The webinar will be held on October 1st at 5:00pm (eastern time zone) and will last for approximately 30-40 minutes.

To join you can use the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Division Program Chair, Wesley Odom:

University of Michigan Prospective Student Open House information

Please find below information about the Engineering Education Research Open House organised by the University of Michigan.

University of Michigan Ph.D. and M.S. Programs Engineering Education Research : PROSPECTIVE STUDENT OPEN HOUSE
We are excited to announce that the University of Michigan has just launched a brand new graduate program in Engineering Education Research (EER). As you might know, EER is an emerging field in which scholars use methods from education and social sciences to study issues relevant in engineering education such as supporting faculty as they adopt more student-centered teaching approaches, using classroom technology to improve students’ understanding of foundational engineering concepts, or comparing the approaches used by expert and novice designers as they solve engineering problems.

The University of Michigan’s EER program represents a unique, interdisciplinary model. Several tenure-line EER faculty are embedded within the traditional engineering departments, while EER graduate students are part of a college-wide program. This allows the EER faculty and their research to be well-integrated with the traditional engineering disciplines, and it provides students a better opportunity to engage in innovative research and make scholarly contributions to the engineering education community. An EER graduate degree will provide students with career opportunities in academia, nonprofit organizations, and industry. More information about the program is available at our EER website (

We will be hosting an EER Prospective Student Open House on Monday October 22, 2018, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm in Ann Arbor, MI (see attached flyer). Students from all institutions are invited to attend. Participants will meet with faculty, postdocs, and graduate students, tour the beautiful University of Michigan campus and EER lab spaces, and learn about career opportunities as a UM graduate in this field. Note that applicants to the EER graduate program must have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a traditional engineering discipline.

Please register to attend at this open house registration site, and please forward this link to any friends who may be interested. A limited number of travel grants are available to offset the costs of traveling to Ann Arbor, so please register soon. Email us for more information at

Can’t make it to the open house but interested in applying? Visit the EER website to learn more about the graduate program. We hope you will consider UM as you decide to pursue your graduate studies in engineering education.

Cindy Finelli, Ph.D.

Video Contest

For ASEE’s 125th Anniversary Celebration, students are asked to create a video that shows where engineering education will be in 25 years!

The scene: You are 25 years into your career as faculty, dean, chair, provost or president at your dream university.

· What does engineering education look like?
· What changes have been implemented?
· What does the student body look like? How are classes taught?

Undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students are encouraged to submit a 90-second video where you creatively explore these topics.

The winning video will be shown at the 2019 ASEE Annual Conference in Tampa and the winning team (up to two people) will win a trip to the conference. More details are here
Register by December 1 and submit by February 1.

Writing group forming

Interested in being a member of a writing group? A few students are getting together to work on writing a proposal for a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. If you would like to participate in creating a writing group to not only motivate each other, but to discuss ideas and review papers to create the best possible proposals, please go to this link:

Joining slack or Writing group

Call for Nominations for the Executive Board of the Student Division

We invite you to take this time to call for nominations for the Executive Board of the Student Division. We will have onsite nominations as well in our annual meeting, but please take this time to read of the responsibilities required of each position and feel free to ask any questions on the positions. Being on the executive board is a great opportunity to help direct the future of the Student Division while also forming national contacts through students, faculty, and businesses. The positions that will be open this year are listed below

Program Chair – The program chair operates as the Chair Elect and helps organize and coordinate the Annual Conference. This position is a 3 year commitment where the first year you act as Program Chair, the following year as Division Chair, and the final year as Past Chair (which is an advisory position). They send out the call for papers, organize the sessions, and operate as the chair when the chair cannot be present. For details on this position, please contact Rohit Kandakatla at

Secretary/Treasurer – The secretary/treasurer helps organize board meetings and takes minutes during these meetings. They are also responsible to remain in contact with ASEE in regards to funds for the Student Division. For more details on this position, please contact Trevion Henderson

Co-Program Chair – The co-program chair helps collect funding for the student division through sponsorships while also organizing the annual division dinner. They also add support to the program chair in the organization of the annual conference. For more details on this position, please contact either Nicole Johnson at or Jacqueline Handley

Information Chair – Assists in the distribution of ASEE information through the maintenance of the Student Division website and social media pages. For more details, please contact Joanne Vakil at

Membership Chair – The membership chair helps create and maintain programs that increase membership and retention. For more details, please contact Emily Miller

Student Chapter Chair – The student chapter chair helps to create and maintain student chapter as well as foster a bond between existing student chapters of ASEE. For more details, please contact Nathan M Hicks

Positions that are appointed, but please nominate:

Diversity Chair – The diversity chair helps the student division maintain its goal to promote inclusion and diversity through its programs. This chair also often acts as a delegate between the diversity division and the student division and assists in the organization of a diversity-centered session at ASEE. For more information, please contact Karis Boyd-Sinkler

Awards Chair – The awards chair helps organize a secondary system of reviews in order to choose the best paper of the division. They also assist the program chair through various means. For more details, please contact Marissa Tsugawa

If you have any other questions on these positions, please contact Danielle Grimes at